Create profitable presentations to new and existing clients with Amber Global as your Manufacturers Agent in the UK & Europe.
Implement a strategic selling solution that provides cost effective support for existing clients  and new clients in the UK and Europe.

Amber Global can provide your organisation with a local sales support solution in the form of a telephone sales team, customer support centre or field sales representatives.

We are able to analyse the market and target specific potential sectors and clients. We are able to present directly or recruit sales staff on your behalf and look after your HR requirements. Our sales activity would be tailored to appear as part of your own operation with full own branding.

Expand your business operation into the UK, Western and Eastern Europe - talk to an Account Manager at Amber Global to discuss how we can work with you to grow your business.

Amber Global - Your Sales, Marketing & Technical Manufacturers Agents providing a UK and European Operational Partnership.

      Strategic Selling Solutions from Amber Global Manufacturers Agents